ATHL 89 IDPA Club Match

  • 27 May 2018
  • 08:00 - 16:00
  • Buffalo Target Shooters Assoc (K Country APRA ranges)


  • You are a CURRENT member of ATHL.
    You have a VALID IDPA membership.
  • You have never shot an IDPA match. IDPA rules allow THREE shoots to try the sport prior to requiring an IDPA membership. IDPA rule 3.11.D
  • You are an IDPA member.
    You are NOT a member of ATHL. (example, you are an IDPA member visiting the area)
  • You are a QUALIFIED IDPA Safety Officer whose qualification is up to date and listed as such on the IDPA website. By selecting this option you are indicating you are ready and willing to work at this match.

Registration is closed

IDPA Local Match 

This is an ATHL IDPA club match. 

New shooters and non-ATHL members who have an IDPA membership are welcome!

Match Director -  Ross L

There are 8 stages  with a round count of about 110 - 150
Match fees are:

  • $25 for current ATHL IDPA members
  • $30 for non-ATHL IDPA members 
  • $40 for non-IDPA members (If this is your FIRST/SECOND/THIRD IDPA match, you are able to register without an IDPA number (as per IDPA rule 3.11.D) 

- EMT in advance or cash only on Match Day

Note: this is an all day event with 4 stages in the morning and another 4 stages in the afternoon. 

Location: BTSA Range

Come equipped with:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Handgun 
  • Holster
  • Mag/Speedloader pouches 
  • IDPA rules - only 2 magazine holders on the belt
  • or  3 speedloaders on the belt (revolver)
  • Concealment garment 


You must register in advance so we can preset our scoring software. 

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